Monday, 28 September 2009

Ms. Whimsy

Stumbled upon a blogger template website, and it totally rocks! Click HERE to check it out. :D My two favourite templates are Pad Mess and Art Template. Will probably be changing the template of this (personal) blog of mine. :P I figure, the only page elements I'd be annoyed at losing are the Nuffnang ads - but I can easily install those again. And is *this* the most useful webpage or what?

Went to uni today to watch "Cinta", and cried like SIX times in the library because the film is such a puller of heartstrings! So totally embarassing. And COD-ed my burgundy studded bag with Charmin. :D I love love love my studded bag! I took an army of photographs, but too lazy to upload them now. :P

Nerve-wracking week ahead. The stuff I like is in pink. The stuff I'm nervous about is in green. The stuff I can deal with is in purple.

Planning to do my Broadcasting TV script assignment tonight.
Going out with mum tomorrow for sushi and shopping.
Must do Media, Culture, Power major essay.
Must do Malaysian Cinema major RESEARCH essay.
Must interview Pete Teo, local musical genius for aforementioned Malaysian Cinema essay.
Must plan, script, interview, shoot for Broadcasting TV Show Project.
Must work on group project for Malaysian Cinema pre-production film.
Going out with mum on Thursday.
Post a shirt I've sold.
Study for exams.

Is there any wonder why I feel stressed? I'm glad I don't have as many hands-on subjects to take after this semester - projects are stressful! I can handle essays. Bah.