Thursday, 10 September 2009

Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.

Shang & I with our new clothes from Sg Wang! Already! LOL!

Uni has been pretty shitty lately, what with the noise pollution from the fecking student election campaigns (I never realised how annoying and inconsiderate the screaming and cheering was until they kept disrupting my lectures and group meetings this past week... now I know) and other crappy affairs... and like most students right now, I need a semester break - and it's coming real soon, at the end of September, but in the meantime, I'll have to tolerate everything that pisses me off in uni...

So I'm really happy that Mummy took me on a very-mini-shopping-trip after class today... to Mei's attic! :D You might be familiar with her previous e-store, - but now she's opened a new one called :) Wheee!

I bought my long-awaited badges - been waiting over a month to buy these! :D It's something like 2 bucks a pop, totally my favourite place to buy fun badges! I wear them on everything - clothes, bags, vests - and now I've got some meaner ones for "angry days", LOL! And I got two as gifts for Jen & Shang! Shang's wanted the "Don't be trashy... RECYCLE" one ever since she saw me wear it to uni aeons ago, hahaha, and Jen likes the "i rock! my mama said so" one as much as I do :P

And Mei let me "make" some badges as well! :D With her funky badge-making machine thing. I felt like such a scientist. The pic below is blur (alamak!), but there's one that says: "SHOPPING is cheaper than a psychiatrist" :DDDD Badges never lie!

And as usual, I went there to buy badges, but I wound up diving head-first into her awesome new stocks of clothes as well :P Mum liked this one, and it was so comfy, so I bought it :) Under RM30, not bad ya! A li'l edgier than my usual clothes (which always seem to be either yellow or floral).

Btw, remember that Malaysian Cinema group project we've got? :D After 2 solid days of group work, the screenplay's nearly done now! We just have to storyboard, do the poster, shoot the trailer, come up with the budget and other things, and prepare the presentation! I hope it gets made into a movie by one of our indie filmmakers, lol! It's such a quirky li'l short film :)

Some photos for our visual diary.. I took all the pics except the one I'm in. :P

Look where Anis took us to dinner after one of our late meetings! :)

AYAM PENYET RIA in Sunway Pyramid.
Omg delicious, totally must-go!

There's one in The Curve called "Waroeng Penyet" -
I'll definitely go to that one next time! :D

Last but not least...
Pictures from the student council election campaigns...
to remind me to appreciate quieter times in future :)