Monday, 7 September 2009

Lucky number six!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D Media appearance number six!

We started the story of my life with that "Pintar Pintas" children's gameshow when I was 12. Then that PMR news story that Raffick dragged me into when I was 15, me and him holding our PMR slips and grinning like idiots, hahaha! Then that public-speaking competition when I was 16, because all 3 winners were from SMKDJ.

Then that interview with The Star earlier this year, which was really embarassing but pretty cool because I've never had a reporter and a photographer in my house and room before! And then this morning, Ben the DJ from FlyFM's Pagi Show talked about Your Shopping Kaki (but I missed it! I'm so bummed that I missed it! There's no rerun for radio shows!).

And then, remember that e-mail interview with NST? I thought it would be a couple of weeks before that got published, but it came out today! And I almost missed it, gosh, haha, if I hadn't looked at the chatbox on YSK and saw someone saying that I was in the NST today - so I was like all, "OH NO! There's no more newspapers at 8pm at night!!"

But luckily Mummy took me to the petrol station and there was ONE LAST COPY of the New Straits Times there. The dude behind the counter was laughing curiously at this strange girl who suddenly barged into the kiosk with ugly purple spectacles, messy hair clipped up and a very yellow maxi dress and gasping at the NST.

RM1.20 well spent, because the online version is so messed up, hahaha! :D

Jenny says I should frame it up! :D Mummy suggested that too, ahahhaha! But I'm not going to do that...

I'm just gonna go laminate it. :D


.•º lilmissmei º•. said...

Tell you what... laminate AND frame the write up!!

Glad you like the badges. Will try to come up with more when my brain can function normally again =)