Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sometimes, I feel like a loan shark.

One of the biggest learning curves of YourShoppingKaki.com is dealing with advertisers. One of the biggest downsides of dealing with advertisers are what I call "DA"s - a.k.a. Difficult Advertisers.

There are three types of DAs:
(1) The kind who don't pay up.
(2) The kind who go MIA, leaving me to design their advertisement banners and post up their ads.
(3) The post-MIA, who went MIA and then when they return, complain (wrongly) that I placed their ad in the wrong locations and/or didn't do a proper ad design for them.

And get this: most of my advertisers are young people - between the ages of 17 to under-30. I'm not saying age is a factor, but that this is happening despite their young age - where did they learn such ridiculous habits from? Some of them are more jaded than 50-year-old businessmen.