Thursday, 1 October 2009

Beanie Babies.

When I was young(er), Beanies were soft toys that I read about in Archie comics. Now, they're the fashionable "it" hat that's a must-have for people who live in countries that don't even have winter. :P

Tyra & Beyonce. I wanna wear it like Beyonce!

But anyway, I totally want a beanie! :D Although, I did try on a white one in Sungei Wang, but I looked like a school canteen worker in it. :( Like the American cafeteria lady who gives awful meat loaf and glares at you if you give lip.

The semester is coming to that point where you just want it to end a.s.a.p. Seriously. All I want is for this semester to be over. This is a crapfest of a semester. I never want to take such hands-on subjects again! I will so relish the long summer break away from The Horrors of Semester 3.

On the bright side, here is a very bright outfit that Leeza's giving to me. :D I wanted this one months ago, but mum said that it's got a very wrong cut for someone with a posterior the size of Sarawak - in not so many words - so I took that purple flare top instead as part payment for advertising. :D

Anyway we were dawdling today when we decided to swap this for an advertorial. I still like it because of the colours and pockets. Reminds me of what Vanessa said about me: "She likes pockets." Lol. I do. And I miss Vanessa. :( She's in England now.

Picture credited to Tasty Cherry Chapstick

Charmin said this blog is turning into a mini-YSK. Hahaha. So it only seems right that I immortalise here what I did to the new shoe-rack my parents bought. Yup. I played perfectly into the stereotype of the selfish, world-revolves-around-me, only child who filled the entire shoe rack with her shoes. :D

My most-used shoe collection :)

To be fair, after my anal-retentive rearrangement session, the old shoe rack is now nearly empty. My dad has like the one pair of sandals he's used since 1988 or something. Hahahaha. And all my mum's "proper" shoes are in the storeroom, in their neat little boxes.

I wish I had one of those cool systems where I put my shoes in their own individual compartments, and each compartment has a picture of the shoes. Lol! My aunt has that sytem. It's too cool. She has a gigantic shoe collection. Actually, all my aunts have gigantic shoe collections. Mine is like a mini-collection next to theirs. I was hoping to fit all the shoes I own into this one cupboard, but unfortunately it won't fit.

Apart from overestimating the size of small Ikea shoe racks, there's a new blogshop in town called "Charity For Sale". It's awesome, it's by an advertising company called Alice Design Studio and every cent they earn from selling the items goes to a charity for kids with special needs. The best part is that they accept donations in the form of cash, clothes, bags, anything - and they will sell the clothes and stuff you've donated. And then the money goes to the charity. :)

So I'm donating these below! :) Plus a bronze necklace that I have no idea why I ever bought (how stupid 15-year-old versions of ourselves can be!). Oh, and the studio is in Subang Jaya, near Carrefour and Sunway Pyramid.

Clothes to be donated

Jessica gave me the yellow tube top as a gift, so it seems fitting that since it will never fit me in a thousand years, that I give it away to charity. :D I've never donated clothes to charity before. Jenny says that she does it all the time. So I'm pretty excited. The pink top and black top are way too short for me. :/ Wonder why I even have them. These were before my shopping consciousness awoken, of course. :P There once was a time when I hated shopping and didn't care at all about what I wore.

I love 30Rock. Go watch it.

PS: My Australian advertising client is sending me the rest of the money. :P The money that the Australian banks took away. My disdain for banks is now currently limited to Australian banks. Edit: Apparently, Maybank was the one that took away 25USD! The Australian bank only charged them 18USD separately. Wtf, Maybank! Anyway, Whooga is re-banking in 50USD - 25 for me, 25 for my stupid bank. And Whooga is so totally calling up Maybank to complain about their ridiculously high charges.