Saturday, 3 October 2009

The Halfway Road.

Only RM11.66 more needed in my Nuffnang earnings chart before I can cash out again! :D Truly a tremendous improvement since I gave them a good spot on YSK - but I estimate it will still take about 50 clicks and about 3 months before I see that hard-clicked 50 quid. :/ The last time (and first time) I cashed out was because Jolly & Anglia Shandy gave me a massive metered ad campaign - but I didn't see anymore wealthy alcohol ads running on my blogs of late. :P

But on the bright side of my personal little financial market, Whooga's second payment to me came through! :) Joy! I'm also thrilled that they gave Maybank a telling-off for overcharging.

And, I'm going on a Mum-approved maxi dress spree at Jessabella's Pluz Size Stealz this weekend. :D

Smocked yellow dress - RM39 Lycra toga maxi dress - RM46

Also, someone from Nuffnang gave me a call on my cellphone yesterday. Shocker, right? A really polite dude named Yee Hou. He said something about writing advertorials for a shipping company based in Singapore. Will totally blog about how that goes! :)

On other news, yesterday was a truly exhausting - but productive - day! Remember I said we were going to interview the people who did the Yasmin Ahmad graffiti? Tang Eu-Jin Jin Hackman, Jung Ai and I did just that yesterday! :D

Early morning, went to Monash, got tangled in some ridiculously thick red tape while trying to borrow university film equipment off-campus (UGH!) - then made it to Pasar Seni (Central Market) in one piece - KL drivers are not human! - and then the first thing we did was go and eat. :P At KFC. Hahaha!

Then two graffiti writers came to meet us - their names: Jeng and Snooze (I don't think these are their real names though, but they didn't tell us their real names so we didn't dare to ask). We're not allowed to show their faces too. So I'm not going to post up any photos I've taken that you can see their faces... in case our local police come up with a Google Task Force or Operasi Blogsearch. :P Hahaha!

Anyway, Jeng is the guy who did the Yasmin Ahmad one. His friend (not present) did the crying baby. Turns out Jeng is a 24-year-old freelancer who used to work at Freeform. :) He's really cool and mega-talented. Not to mention patient - we did put them through a lot of hurdles, like our equipment not working properly and stuff. :P

Location 1: Klang River

Jeng. He prefers to be called a Street Artist. Came from Kuchai Lama to fetch us from Pasar Seni to Klang River, Jalan Jelatek, and a dodgy warung. And didn't ask for anything in return! But Jin bought them lunch. :) Good PR ya? I didn't think of it at all.

Colourful walls by the Klang River.

The Klang River we almost accidentally drove into!

Jin Hackman/Heezy filming the graffiti.

Location 2: Jalan Jelatek

Going into the bellies of KL.

Ai. Jumpshot #2: Success!

Equipment set up at Location #2: under the bridge of Jalan Jelatek.

See all the graffiti!

I think this is a really cool Wolverine-inspired shot. :D
Ai: "Omg, he's taking off his clothes!!"

We filmed shots of them painting.

We got a little distracted. I dared her to touch that. Now I owe Jung Ai a cup of San Francisco coffee. :P But what can I say? IT WAS WORTH IT. :DDDD

Jung Ai went home at 6pm and left me alone with three guys. :/
Hahaha! But it was all cool lah. Jin Hackman was there, yo!

Did not realise we would be there til 8pm. :S But the graffiti were basically done! :D
So we got our "End" shots. Worth it lah.

Hands down the best Friday adventure in Malaysia EVER! :D

PS: Oh oh, nearly forgot to say, no face-to-face interview with Pete! A li'l sad that I won't get to meet him, but relieved that that's one less stress in a super stressful month. :) Anyway, he's answered all my interview questions via e-mail, awesome lah that guy! :D How can you not love Malaysia. <3