Friday, 2 October 2009

Stage fright.

I don't know how this is going to make me sound to you, but ... I have a totally unreasonable fear of celebrities! Which is why I'm super duper panicked about meeting a whole bunch of well-known people this weekend. Starting in TEN HOURS.

First. Interviewing popular graffiti writers/artists for a documentary assignment for broadcast journalism. I haven't been to Pasar Seni since I was a teenager, for starters. And although I may not know any of them or remember their names (which is awful because I'm going to have to memorize them in the car tomorrow and pray I don't mix them up), I feel like I should know them. They're like super famous in their own circles.

We're also going to interview the people who did the Yasmin Ahmad graffiti.

Second. Interviewing The Pete Teo for a Malaysian Cinema research essay. The Pete Teo that wrote the hauntingly beautiful songs for Talentine (which I bawled at everytime I watched it). The Pete Teo whose brainchild became 15Malaysia.
I found out this is his Facebook profile picture. Lol :P

I am not a cyber stalker! My lecturer happened to print me his Facebook conversation with Pete to let me know which dates he'll be in town and stuff.

I'm a nervous wreck. At 9am (that means in 6.5 hours) I have to call Pete. Like on his cellphone. And arrange when to meet. And I'm going to have say a really lame place like 1-Utama because I don't know how to go anywhere else. Hahahahaha I am totally going to blog about all these Life Changing Experiences asap. Once I know how all this turns out!