Thursday, 29 October 2009

It's not TV. It's YouTube.

Some wonderful Internet angel uploaded the entire of David Cronenberg's M.Butterfly on YouTube. :D And I need it for my Media Texts exam, and now I have it! All thanks to wargeek123. :P It looks to be a YouTube account created just to upload the 11 clips that make the whole movie, haha!

Behold - my last assignment for this semester! The Malaysian Cinema pre-production film group project. :) It's due on Friday, so - surprise, surprise - we are handing it in on Friday. Lol.

The envelope I prepared :) I did a similar one with broadcast journalism's
graffiti video - but the envelope for journalism was cooler :P

My first exam (Media, Culture, Power) is on Wednesday morning (4th October). I have Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday to prepare for it... should be able to survive lah. Haha.

Then my second and last exam (for this semester) is Media Texts, on Thursday (12th October). Got about 7 days to prepare for that after the MCP exam - so I'll just cross that bridge when I come to it. :P

Earlier today there was an effing retard on YSK's chatbox calling me an unfriendly snob. Effing psycho. I felt like slapping her. I don't even feel hurt by these insane comments from morons anymore, I just lose my temper.

But I couldn't slap her, of course - because she's one of those nameless, faceless cowards that overpopulate the world. I don't even know who she is, and she's probably never met me in her whole stupid life. So what if I'm an effing snob? Get out of my website! Arrogance is nothing but a trait perceived by the insecure who think of themselves as inferior.

I've had more than enough of voluntarily dealing with psycho-retards for a blog. The best part about YSK is that it has an ending. 31st December 2009. The day I can say goodbye to the psychopathic losers who still have to say things when they have nothing nice to say.

The psycho is probably going to grow up to be the same people who misspell labels.

And force their bosses to put these signs at their workspaces.

I can't believe I work this hard to put up with that sort of nonsense. I must work harder so that I can be above all of this!