Saturday, 31 October 2009

Movies that make you cry.

Let me just say ... M.Butterfly is a seriously depressing film. :(

Movie poster for the 1993 M. Butterfly

During the Cultural Revolution in 1960s China, French diplomat Rene Gallimard (played by Jeremy Irons) falls in lust love with Chinese opera singer, Song Liling (played by John Lone) - except that she's a spy for the Chinese government - and she isn't a "she" in the first place.

She is a "he". Chinese opera singers are all male ... and for some reason Gallimard didn't figure that out after 20 years of having an affair with Song. So Song tricks Gallimard into believing they have a child together, then says that their son is being held captive by the government so that Gallimard will smuggle information to them. Gallimard betrays his country out of love for his lover and "son" - then gets caught and tried for treason.

The film ends with Gallimard in prison, entertaining the other inmates as a performer - Madame Butterfly - and he kills himself. Like a totally gruesome death, where he slits his own throat really, really slowly. And there's blood everywhere.

Why do they make us watch these films?! It's so disturbing. :(

Didn't help that this morning at brunch, Titanic was playing a rerun on the telly. T.T Although, after reading its Wikipedia page, I feel loads better. :) I always thought Titanic was based on a true story - meaning the love story was true - but now I've just read that it's fictional. :P