Saturday, 17 October 2009

Saturday Space Madness

From Jessabella's Plus Size Stealz, RM24

Mummy says these are super ugly, but I like lah! :P Thin or non-thin also can wear wan ma, and it's sooo hard to come by plus-size matte liquid leggings! Also because I have existing store credit at Jessabella's already. :D

Other Saturday mad steals:

Magic Bridget Jones underwear, RM15

Eh why so freaking cheap wan?! The one I got from Marks & Spencer is like 13920831230912 x the price. >:} Hahaahah you should go see how fast these got snapped up!

Green sapphire oriental maxi dress (right), RM39

Mum said the green one is really pretty! So she asked me to buy it, woot, so I totally did. :D And how affordable is it at Jessabella's, it's insane, haha.

Long draped cardigan (black), RM36

My present for mum! :D And when Jessica found out it's for my mum, she gave me a discount - RM30 only - awesome lah. Because as you may have guessed, the total bill managed to exceed my store credit, haha - but I'm only forking over RM28, including COD to my house lah. Edit (18/10): Aww, she so sweet! :) She told me no need to pay anything!

I love this blogshop! Fresh updates from Bangkok, how to resist right? Haha.

But ever since my self-promise, I really didn't buy anything new from any blogshops or even traded anything, so I'm pretty pleased with myself there. :D This one is exception lah. :P

P.S: I'm reviewing the footage we have so far from the graffiti shooting, and there are so so many funny bloopers, I can't wait for summer holidays so that I can edit all the bloopers together and upload it as a video on YouTube! LOL!