Monday, 19 October 2009

Milo or Bubbletea?

Oh boy, I'm not even 21 yet and I'm already more menopausal than my grandmothers combined! It's Monday, so I was super stressed yesterday and this morning - like Garfield, I truly hate Mondays, and I don't like Sundays either because Monday is the next day - because of the overwhelming amount of stuff I have in store.

This was the original schedule for this week and next:

1. Media Texts lecture & tutorial
2. Media Texts presentation
3. Manual enrolment into journalism unit thanks to me not meeting prerequisite!
4. Malaysian Cinema group discussion for planning Wednesday's pitch
5. Re-interview Dr Yeoh for broadcast journalism because we screwed up the first one thanks to bad lighting and angling
6. Get back Media Texts major essay (40% - do or fail!)
7. COD a bag at night
8. Work on M'sian Cinema research essay - come up with your own question, topic, parameters, and make it 2500 words!

1. MCP lecture
2. Script and record voiceover in campus broadcast studio for journalism documentary
3. Work on M'sian cinema research essay
4. Get back MCP major essay

1. MCP tutorial
2. Rehearse group presentation for Malaysian Cinema
3. Group presentation for Malaysian Cinema at 3pm, in front of lecturer, classmates & local filmmakers
4. Work on M'sian Cinema research essay

1. Script and record voiceover for journalism documentary
2. Skip classes, if any. As I have been forced to do for the past 2 weeks!
3. Work on M'sian Cinema research essay

1. Come up with back-up plan in case anything goes wrong for journalism documentary
2. Hand in Malaysian Cinema major research essay

1. Hand in DVD, script, APRA music sheet of Journalism documentary and upload it on YouTube

1. Hand in a bunch of stuff for Malaysian Cinema's pre-production film - screenplay, storyboard, project diaries, budget sheets... dunno what else...

Do you feel stressed just looking at my schedule of work to be done? You should lah, it really is a lot. And all the time there's a big essay to be working on when I get home.

But anyway, Monday debris transformed from shit to confetti (sort of), so I feel less stressed. :D This is the new schedule:

MONDAY (which is almost over, thank god)
1. Re-interview Dr Yeoh: DONE. I never have to film anything for academic purposes again, YAY! (I hope!)
2. Manually enrolled for journalism: DONE
3. Media texts presentation: DONE
4. M'sian Cinema group meeting: DONE
5. Discuss with Anis roughly what we're gonna do for our part of the pitch: DONE
6. COD: DONE. No more CODs til after exams. Phew. And I have a brand new white Chanel-inspired bag :P Which I LOVE btw! Absolutely gorgeous, from Rena.
7. Get back Media Texts major essay: DONE. This made me happy :D And I'm so lucky that's one less stress too, because there are ppl who weren't so lucky, and are probably still in Dr Zakir's office arguing for a remark. For example, there is this awesomely smart dude (no joke, seriously intelligent guy) who got a 20 over 40. Wha?? That's literally a Pass - half a mark less and it would have been a Fail.
8. Work on M'sian Cinema essay: Err, totally not done. It's been such a tiring day lah! I started working on it last night already anyway. I'll do a bit more before I hit the sack, seriously don't want to take any more of this Monday, otherwise I'll be falling asleep in Dr Yeoh's class at 9am tomorrow.... zzz.

1. Go to class. Get back my external hard drive (I lent it to Jin Hackman). Go home and work on M'sian Cinema major essay. STAT!
2. Re-read and rehearse a li'l for Wednesday's M'sian Cinema presentation.

1. MCP tutorial.
2. Then, dedicate the rest of the morning and afternoon to rehearsing for M'sian cinema presentation with rest of group and actually presenting it in the afternoon.
3. Then forget about it, go home, and continue working on M'sian Cinema essay!

1. Hopefully Jin will have finished editing the documentary so that we can script and record my voiceover today. Then we'll have to edit in the voiceovers and re-script.
2. Then go home and FINISH UP m'sian cinema essay. or die. prepared to pull all-nighter if necessary.

1. Hand in M'sian cinema essay.
2. Dunno what else I need to do today at uni.
3. When I get home, retype my entire project diary for M'sian cinema. Should only take a couple of hours since I kept a pretty good record of what went on all semester. No stress there!

Weekend and the following week remains somewhat of a mystery so far.
This Is The Life Of A Monash Student.

I am absolute crap to talk to in elevators when I'm stressed. I just mumble answers and nod here and there. And stare at the numbers that change "1... 2... 3..." to show the level the lift is too-slowly going to. LOL. So rude right. Sigh.

But anyway, I insist on finding a reason for a mini-celebration, to celebrate my Media Texts essay results. :D Tomorrow I'm probably getting back a really horrible MCP grade, so I'd better celebrate while I can! This means that if it weren't for yet another hurdle requirement that I must pass my exams, I've already passed my Media Texts. :D But there's the hurdle requirement to get at least 50% for exams.

So anyway, here are pictures that make me smile :D I am planning to get all these things someday, one by one!

Colourful and plain-coloured flats from Cotton On.
Also known as Rubi shoes.

Floral bustier top. Not this exact one coz it won't zip for me at all.
If I surgically removed my ribs then I might fit. -_-

A very yellow maxi dress.
One of the blogshops is currently manufacturing one for me (how nice, lol!),
a process we've planned for months now, from fabric to colour selection,
but I'll only know if I love it when I see it. :P

Toga dress. Yumm. But in a less depressing colour.

Lace leggings. When I've lost 20kgs I shall get a pair of these to celebrate. :D

To prove my awareness that the world doesn't revolve around me (although this is my blog! :p) - if you're a dog-lover happening to read this, little Jenny Kek needs another RM500 to save Michael, her widdle doggie. :( He has gall stones and surgery is 1,300 - 1,400 bucks. She and her boyfriend only managed to get together RM900 in such short notice. :'( And her other doggie, Jordan, his legs are paralysed because of spine problems- poor baby :( So it's costing a small fortune to foot his physiotherapy bills too.

And I haven't forgotten that in times of stress, my parents and good friends are what keeps me strong and keeps me from going crazy! :) I am totally going to take my parents somewhere really nice (like a restaurant, not a different country) after my exams. And Shang is so awesome because she's kept my malaysian cinema group project grounded - so I'm getting her the maxi dress she loves so much. :D It's taking weeks to arrive though, but I can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees it!

10 minutes until Monday is OVER. :D