Sunday, 1 November 2009

The 1Malaysia Report: Breaking it down into numbers
1Malaysia, our Prime Minister's dream for the nation

Although the official website's interface never fails to induce a huge yawn on my part, I too wish I had a personal assistant (or in the PM's case, a horde of assistants) who would Facebook, Twitter, blog for me. Until recently, I was under the allusion that politicians blogged for themselves - but then I found out otherwise. :(

Anyway, my point today is that, I realised YSK is like a mini-Malaysia in itself. Not so much a 1Malaysia, but its racial breakdown reflects the (skin) colours of the glorious 1Malaysia:

60% Malay readers
20% Chinese readers
15% Indian readers
5% "dan lain-lain"/"others"

Just thought it was an interesting note. :)