Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Golly gee wheez!

Oh my gosh!! Remember our graffiti video? Jung Ai just texted Jin and I, she's found out our Broadcast Journalism marks - quite outta the blue, hahahaha - and we got what looks like one of the top marks in the class! :D

53 out of 60, that's a freaking 88 yo! And Jung Ai checked on our overall marks - she got 81, Jin got 80, and I got 84! She says that's even the highest mark in the class, with one other person she can't remember! :D Yayyyyyy! That's HDs (High Distinction) for all of us! :D

Some of our classmates' video productions:
Old Folks' Home

There are more, but they don't seem to be on YouTube. LOL. Crime against the media! Monash University's going to use our videos as "advertisements" to coax people to join the Arts programme - but besides the commercialism that's gonna infect our blood-sweat-tears of student productions, the coolest part is that Dr Yeoh's probably gonna screen our videos in next year's Nasi Bungkus screenings! :D

More fantastic news - Your Shopping Kaki's made it into the Chinese press! :D Sin Chew Daily newspaper listed YSK in one of its articles today! A really teeny tiny cameo appearance, but STILL! A mention nonetheless :D Couldn't get my hands on the Sin Chew papers at 4.30pm, so called my grandparents and told them to please keep today's newspaper! Hahaha!

Edited (12 November): My friend bought me a copy of the SinChew Daily!! :D I got it laminated (LOL) and scanned in a copy, yayyy! Check it out below! :D