Tuesday, 10 November 2009

"All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth."

Wrong. So, totally wrong.

Yellow tights from MyClothesAffair, RM12

What I really want is a pair of very yellow tights. :D I'll totally never wear them on a Sane Day, but there's always Halloween and Yellow Days, like going to uni on a Saturday, or going to Tesco with Mummy (in which case I can wear whatever weird clothing I like).

Picture ripped off some random blog via Google Images :P Sorry!

Friday - Mum said we can go to 1-Utama to celebrate The End Of Exams. :D I really want to go to there to check out the newly opened Cotton On store, and buy those much-talked-about Rubi flats! Apparently it's on some kinda mad promotion, RM60 for 2 pairs - and I thought it would be cheaper in Australia, but apparently they're RM45 per pair there, sooooo... I'm just gonna be really mad if I don't get to buy them here. RM60 for 2 pairs is basically the exact same price (after conversion) that they're going for in Singapore, which is 25SGD for 2 pairs.

A (big) part of me wants as many pairs as I can buy, but the other part of me knows that I should only buy 2 pairs. I must not forget these reasons:
1) 2 pairs is what they have on promotion.
2) I should always wear shoes with elevated heels whenever possible.
If you're wondering why I feel a vicious need to wear heels and wedges when I'm 5'6" (by no means a shoddy height in this country), it's because I'm totally Not Thin Enough (or at all, more like) to wear flats so often. I literally feel short, especially because I've got more tall, skinny friends than I can handle! :P Eventhough it's my own damn fault for not having more confidence, I'm just being honest. :D And if I buy more than 2 pairs, I might end up wearing flats more than I should.

I can't believe I'm being so shallow, but I actually think there are different shoes to wear in different company! When you're hanging out with tall people, you need to wear Tall Shoes - when you're hanging out with short(-er) people, you need to wear Short Shoes. I just don't feel it's the best situation when you're either looking up at everyone or towering over everyone. LOL.

Meanwhile, it's Tuesday night, and I'm still preparing for my Thursday morning exam. :( I've still gotta prep on affect, iconography, symptomatic reading ... and freaking essays on reality TV and hypertext. Sighhhh! So uncool.