Wednesday, 4 November 2009

On the first day of Christmas - I mean, Exams.

Do you think it would be weird if one day, I handed my camera to the invigilator and said, "Can you take a picture for me?"

First out of two papers done. :) Sat for my Media, Culture, Power exam today. On the bright side, there was probably only a 1% element of surprise - the questions came out almost exactly the same as past year questions. On the dark side (?), I only prepared three essays - all three of which were tested in the exam, but two of them were modified versions... I hadn't prepared one part of one of the questions, so that was annoying. :P

But pretty sure I did okay enough. :D For the first time since I can remember, I actually left the exam room early. Haha which is not necessarily a good thing. But anyway, I wanted to go to TESCO with Mummy and she said the earlier we leave the better - and the exam started late, so when I finished my answers at 10.30am, I decided to leave the whole 14 minutes early. :P

Now for Media Texts! Hehe have to download like 12 readings from link first. Looks like tonight is going to be a long night of downloading and printing. Yawnnn.