Friday, 6 November 2009

Washing machines are nearly always beautiful.

Today's blog entry is in tribute to James Lee's film, The Beautiful Washing Machine. Wonderfully weird, watch it if you can! :D

In the spirit of beautiful washing machines, I went to FlyFM's CampurChart Music Show at Laundry Bar @ The Curve tonight! :) By "tonight" I mean Thursday night, since I only got home at 1am (smelling like an ashtray, btw! whyyy do people smoke?! my studded bucket bag, which I used tonight, has been raped of its pleathery smell and now smells like cigarette smoke too) but I gotta blog all this before I go to sleep, haha! :P It was seriously too fun to have any minute detail forgotten - as I'm sure Shang and Jen will agreeeee! :D

Live at Laundry: Shangari, me and Jenny! :D

OH OH and I finally gave Shangari her very first maxi dress! :D She dumped her original outfit pronto and changed into the new, unwashed dress :P Tore the tags off with her teeth (or something). :P

So it was Jenny's 20th birthday yesterday, and this is how we celebrated it today! :D She went to TGIF's with Her Loverrr yesterday, but for some reason they didn't Celebrate CELEBRATE it the TGIF's way - and we thought to ourselves, ohgosh, how can she never have celebrated a TGIF-style birthday, right? We decided to educate her :D

Jenny: [Talking to Shang}... Hey why are there suddenly so many people at our table?

For some idiotic reason, the crappy shot above was the only picture I took! But I did take 3 really funny videos, which will hopefully see light on YouTube someday! :P

Screenshot of the video where Jenny has to make a speech with a ketchup bottle :P

So little Jenny Kek sang a song, forced the TGIF crew to dance, told us she loved us and will never forgive us and will totally get back at us for this (:D), and got a free slice of chocolate birthday cake! :D

One usually expects a slice of cake at the end of the fork, not a french fry.

Oh and a balloon too! Because the TGIF crew were under the delusion that she just turned 12, not 20. Hahahaha. Why wasn't her meal free! :(

Omg so cute! The one on the right is Shang's customized version :D

And just when Jenny thought her Very Public Birthday Celebration was over, we headed over to Laundry Bar to catch Jin Hackman's performance - and you know how, at these gigs they always have contests and giveaways where audience members have to go onstage and do silly stuff? :D

Guess who got pulled by the stage-puller people? :D So when the guy picked Jenny, it was too delightful an opportunity to miss, so I shouted to him, "It's her birthday today too!"

And that's the story of how we got the entire Laundry Bar to sing Happy Birthday to Jenny! :P

Jin Hackman's performance was awesomeee! :D Shang, Jen and I decided that we are totally gonna check out more of his shows after exams! I still haven't gotten his autograph yet, can you believe that? Months of working with him for the graffiti project and I never remembered to bring his CD to get him to sign it! :( But he's seriously awesomeee, please go check out his shows when you're free! Support local artists mah! ;)

Jin Hackman / Jin Heezy / Tang Eu-Jin rockin' the stage.

Second act was Modread, an all-male band whose lead singer had a really nice voice. :D

Modread takes the stage!

Shang loved their performance a lot, while Jenny answered emails and text messages while they performed. :P LOL. We're such workaholics, honestly! Ooh and I got to see May Ching again! :D It's so wonderful how we meet so many wonderful people at random - I met Shang at the scholarship ceremony, I met Jenny when we went early for a class, I met May Ching through a non-profit blogshop I did back in '08. :)

Left to right: Shangari, Jenny, May Ching & her boyfriend Jason :)

The third and final act of the night - Seven Collar T-Shirt, which I mistakenly called "Seven Colour T-Shirt" all night! :P Which is why, when the DJ asked "What do you get when you put Seven "Colours" [Collars] and T-Shirt together?" ... I was the only one in the audience that shouted, "A RAINBOW!"

The place totally crowded up just for this band, Shang says they're really famous :P

Ooooh and Miranda Yeoh, one of the writers of JUICE Magazine, took photos of Shangari and me for Style Shots! :D She says it'll come out in December's issue of JUICE. I don't know if my picture will actually get published, since I looked like a walking wardrobe mismatch - it was Thursday night, I didn't think I would bump into anyone I knew, hahahh - but I'm definitely gonna get December's issue just in case. :P

Final milestone note - I was physically in a club for the first time, ever! :P Jenny knew I'd never been inside one, so she took Shang and I upstairs (after The Laundry show) to "The Sanctuary". Free entrance tonight, so we went in and walked one round, hahaha... it was oklah. I don't think clubbing is for me. It was noisy and it looked boring. LOL. :P

PS: Just received word from my Media Texts lecturer that the hurdle requirement to pass the upcoming exam has been waived! Haha! Why would the university suddenly decide to tell its students, "Hey guys, it's okay to fail your exam!"? But this is good news, that means I already passed all my units this semester. I can think of the exam next week as just a bonus. Phew!


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Heya, it was fun to see you girls having fuuun that day :D Hehe

Hope to see you all again!