Thursday, 12 November 2009

The pineapple tart tragedy.

There's only one pineapple tart left in the kitchen. :(

But anyway -

As Shangari so aptly put it, "Free Willy The Sequel!"

I'm free from exams, at last! :D Sat for my last paper for the semester this morning, Media Texts. After three or so days of preparing answers for the practice exam paper, imagine my horror when NONE of the practice exam questions came out in the real exam! :( For ten seconds, I was really annoyed at the person who set the questions. :P

But after taking a closer look (thank goodness for 10 minutes Reading Time where you can't do anything but read), I realised I could totally wing some answers at just enough questions. Literally just enough! In Section A, we had to answer 2 questions out of 5 options. I only knew how to answer 2 questions (ideology & genre). Haha! In Section B, we had to answer 1 long essay question out of 3 options. I only knew how to answer 1 question (Reality TV)! :P

Anyway, overall, the exam went pretty well. :) I just basically adapted everything I had in my head to answer the questions. And again, I left at 10.30am - exactly 13 minutes early. :D Again, I had somewhere else to be after the exam (to meet Michelle outside Pyramid's Starbucks to collect my copy of Sin Chew Daily, hahahaha, which she so generously bought for me!!) - and Jung Ai, who was my compass to Pyramid, had already left the exam hall like half an hour before I did. LOL. Again, this exam was full of people leaving really early. This is almost always a sign that the exam is really difficult. :S

But I had already written and written until my fingers hurt, so as soon as I finished my answers and checked them, I didn't want to loiter around anymore. Watching other people furiously answering exams is not fun to watch at all. Haha.

I'm so thrilled that the summer holidays are finally here! :D I've got tonnes of work to do, but no more exams to study for, for the next few months! YAY!!!