Friday, 13 November 2009

Birthdays and overbookings.

Happy birthday to me! ;D Well, with a little over 2 weeks left til I turn the big Two-One, Mummy bought me a lace cropped top and a grandma-floral long tank top today from Cotton On! :D Yayyyyy! Plus a floral dress for herself, because my floral fetish is just that infectious! :P

21st-Birthday presents from Mummy! :D

And now that exams are over, I've started my whole Full-Time Blogger stint with YourShoppingKaki - and after working out a whole lot of scheduling and stuff last night, I realised that I'm freakin' overbooked for advertising. So today I had to start turning away advertisers. LOL.

Jung Ai, celebrating The End of Semester 3 with me over SanFrancisco coffee!

This weekend I'll be "working" at two bazaars - the KBU Pink Bazaar on Saturday, TongueInChic's Chic Pop Street Market on Sunday. :) I'm "working" for YSK by covering the events to be blogged about, and when I'm done taking photos and stuff, I'll be "working" for Mei at her booth. :D More like "volunteering", haha! I hate that she has to do these bazaars alone, it's so exhausting and one time, she even got injured by a suitcase or something! :( So I volunteered to help :D Plus it's fun!