Sunday, 3 January 2010

Like a sunny yellow summer's day!

It's Sunday! :D Today is chill-at-home day, and a good time to catch up on some blogging in my beloved little personal blog. :D Let's blog about the last two bazaars I've been to, Pick & Grab 8 @ Hartamas Square (19th December 2009) and Bizarre Bazaar @ Bangsar's Mist Club 3 (2nd January 2010). Both awesome events organised by Lah'Lah'Land. :)

Pick & Grab Bazaar 8

I was Mei's useless assistant again for this one. :D The main reason I like going to these bazaars to help Mei is because I get to meet a lot of different people and do some physical hard work for once, haha. :P If you go to a bazaar to shop, you don't really meet anyone - if you hang around too long to chitchat, the friend(s) you came with gets annoyed because you're taking forever to tour the bazaar. :( It's happened too many times when I first starting bazaar-hopping. So now I think that if I wanna hang out at the bazaar all day, it's definitely more fun to go as a behind-the-scenes helper! :D

The big town-hall-ish place that houses Pick & Grab bazaars.

The venue reminded me of that town hall that hosted Sok-Sok and Sylvia's wedding in Ipoh. Except the wedding had a skimpily-dressed B-grade karaoke performance and a lot of camera and lighting crew (professional photographer included!) despite the fact that no-one in my family is famous.

Mei & Rena's joint booths | Vendors having Hari Raya tea party, delish dishes by Shareen!

The bazaar process:
  1. Find parking. The further you park, the further you have to bring your stuff!
  2. Off-load! Drag horribly heavy suitcases and storage boxes from car. Most likely have to conquer uneven tar road and minimum 6-step stairs as well.
  3. Set-up Part 1: Set up the racks. This includes picking up metal sticks which have touched the floor. :( There's absolutely no way to keep your hands clean in the bazaar process. Bring lots of sanitiser! Avoid slicing fingers off with said metal sticks. Or taking someone's eye out. How I fear those metal sticks!
  4. Set-up Part 2: Get the hangers and clothes out. Hang them up. This is possibly the easiest part, except that I have a tendency to drop anything I hold and knock things over. This has earned me the nickname "Butterfingers" at bazaars. :(
  5. Set-up Part 3: Tweak. Arrange, rearrange and touch-up presentation. Put up signage, banners, price clips.
  6. Sit back and relax! Wait for the customers! :) Also a good time to socialise and do your first-dibs shopping. Or help out neighbouring vendors who are still setting up.

Rena from Nakalicious and Shareen who cooked the picnic food for all of us! :D

Mei's Christmas characters: NICE and gross NAUGHTY.

Datin Diva Cynthia came a li'l later in her mountain-climbing clothes :D

Everyone shopped, I think - even Mei! :D Who honestly doesn't shop much at all. She bought a red Chanel-inspired bag from Rena. Lots of vendors buying from vendors, the crowd wasn't huge but it wasn't too bad either. The "late crowd" is always good, but it's so last-minute! Everytime a bazaar is about to end, lots of people suddenly come. I don't know why, haha!

Bizarre Bazaar 3
Yesterday's bazaar! :D Originally I thought I couldn't go, because I thought I was starting work this weekend at Lee Ann's physiotherapy center, but their opening got postponed (thanks to horrible contractors who are lazy and lie to you about their work progress) so I'm only starting next weekend. :) So I volunteered to go help Mei! :D

Mist Club @ Bangsar.

Lots of clothes, accessories, bags, shoes and alcohol - but no food (other than cupcakes!). So we decided to call McDonald's for some deliveries. I officially dislike McDonald's delivery people (at least in Bangsar area) because the one we came across was so rude and impatient! He kept grumbling and mumbling at me in Malay, and I couldn't understand a word he was saying. Very disappointed in McDonald's delivery service. Definitely won't call them again!

Mostly hung out with Mei and Suzanne all day :D

Free house pourings courtesy of Mist Club! :D

I drank Vodka Lime Sprite! :D It was pretty awesome. And I asked the bartender for a bendy straw! I love bendy straws. Makes all drinks that much more fun! Was quite sad when I dropped it.

Yours truly with the nice people from Sachi Mieko

Cynthia forced me into this picture. I need to lose weight. Sigh! On a brighter note, befriended random shoppers, a janitor and a bar staff. Yup, I'm that girl who randomly goes, "Hi, I love your bag!" or smiles happily at you while eating her french fries while sitting next to the clothes rack you're browsing at. :D

Look! It's The Three Stooges! I'm carrying Lydia's RM80 bag from glossyaddiction.

More pics from my cellphone (the one above this is from Cynth's digicam).

I love this picture! :D

Yellow bags! | Mei (Eff-Bombs) and Suzanne (Survival Store)

Cynthia and Mei liked the yellow bag on the top, whereas I love the yellow one at the bottom! :) 20 points to Gryffindor if you can guess which one I bought! :D I was such a good girl all day, didn't buy anything eventhough I liked so many things - then I saw the yellow bag.

That other yellow bag I saw at first | Cynthia & red bag from Survival Store

That yellow weaved back is so cute, but it says "LOUIS VUITTON" on it. :(

Rings from The Aura | Bracelet from Survival Store

The Love I Didn't Buy! :(

You have no idea how much I loved this ring! I tried it on for twenty minutes, tried on practically every ring at Jess' booth. But because it was kinda pricey for a just-for-fun ring (RM28) and because I probably wouldn't wear it ... I didn't buy it. :( On a brighter note, Mei is helping me to make my own floral ring! :D I passed my big yellow rose pendant to her, and she'll fix it on to a ring. YAY!

Cynthia/Suhana/Suetha - YSK's self-loving Guest Blogger

Lydia the BoobGrabber :D

Fun day out! :D I love my new yellow bag sooooo much! :D Saw heaps of gorgeous maxi dresses (for RM35 only! Steals by online pricing standards). And very pretty shoes - was gonna try them on, but then a friend warned me that the quality is quite disappointing - based on her own experiences buying shoes from blogshops - so I decided not to risk it.

Short-term goals (I like lists):
1. Check out 1Utama's leftover sales on Tuesday.
2. Go out with Carmen (and hopefully Denise!) on Wednesday.
3. Go out with Tse Mun on Thursday to pig out at TGIF's and hopefully catch AVATAR in 3D.
4. Meet up with Leila. And An Nie again! :D Went over to An's beautiful new house a couple of Sundays ago, LOVED IT. Loved seeing her again!
5. Start work on Saturday! Yay! :D


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