Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Frontlines of the front desk.

My very first desk job! :D On weekdays, I'm Sha-Lene the holidayer - on weekends, I put on my superhero costume and I'm a part-time receptionist/admin assistant! :)

My workstation at Ace Physiotherapy & Wellness Center, TTDI Plaza

See the white chair? :D That's my seat when nobody else is sitting on it. That's my boss' laptop, where I do most, if not all, of my admin work. I even got to learn how to use a credit card swipe machine! :D Which is a pretty nerve-wracking process because I have this irrational fear that I'll accidentally charge a customer the wrong amount.

A more Behind The Scenes shot :P

An ordinary day at work revolves mainly around not tripping over one of the many wires surrounding me. And not dropping the telephone.

The waiting area that faces me :)

The other day, thinking it was some grand initiative on my part as front desker, I said to a waiting client, "Would you like some water?". Luckily the girl said "No thanks", because after that, someone whispered to me, "We don't have water here."

The physiotherapy rooms & bosses' work area | Lee Ann

I have 2 bosses - Mike and Jason. I think they're both from Ireland. Lee Ann is Mike's wife, and the ex-blogshop owner who hired me. :)

My Saturday colleagues: Vicneswary (Vicky), Bathyraj (Raj), Dharshamini (Shamini)

The people I work with are really awesome folks! :) I'm basically around the junior physiotherapists all day. They're all from outstation - Ipoh, Penang, Kedah, etc - and all pretty fresh graduates from Mahsa College. :) So they're also in the same age group as me (yay!) - 21 to 24. It's like a dorm party when there are no clients in. :P

My Sunday colleagues: Shavinder, Yogi, Vicky.

They're so fun and helpful! It's kinda like hanging out with your friends, except you have to do assignments while hanging out. And when clients come in, you have to behave and not chit chat.

In the Room Behind The Curtains.

There are 2 senior physiotherapists at Ace Physiotherapy & Wellness Center - Jonathan and Bhavani. The rest of the crew are junior physiotherapists. So all the physiotherapists see the patients, do their exercises with them and stuff. The junior physiotherapists also take turns doing those telemarketing calls. My job is to book the clients, bill them, and work with data - sending mass-marketing SMSes, and assist with whatever else needs to be done. Ironically, as a "part-time receptionist" I don't actually answer the phones much at all. :P

Pic of Mike (one of my bosses) and Sharmini.

My boss was using the computer, so I didn't know what to do. :P So I took some pictures.

Above this floor, there's an entire second floor that is being made into a gym and yoga center - pretty cool huh? :) That's why it's a "Wellness Center". So if you injure yourself at the gym or doing crazy yoga moves, you can head on downstairs for some physiotherapy. :D

PS: Oh ya, Ace Physiotherapy & Wellness Center is having an opening promotion (they've only just opened on January 6th after all!) - a FREE consultation and FREE 45-minute deep tissue massage. :) For those with back, shoulder, neck problems and stuff. If you're interested, just call 77262163 to make an appointment. You really don't have to pay anything - let them help you! :D