Wednesday, 17 February 2010

"In the beginning was the Word." - John 1:1

Every few years, I stumble upon a collection of books that lead me into a whole other world. A world made of someone else's imagination, so strong and powerful and irrevocably enchanting that it introduces a level of thinking I couldn't have conceived myself. Yup, books are that cool! I read somewhere once that reading books is kinda like "having conversations with the authors". :)

At first, there was Harry Potter. :D Before it became the magical bandwagon that everyone jumped on (hehehe!), I literally grew up with it, since I was in my preteens until I was 17. Harry Potter saw me through so much, because everything in life seemed to be able to relate to the magical world inside the books. How cool is that, right? Haha. And then I think I spent the next few years re-reading the saga every holiday. :P I would totally love to write a thesis on Harry Potter someday!

The seven books that make up JK Rowling's beloved Harry Potter saga.

And now, I find myself immersed in the parallel worlds captured inside the three-book saga of His Dark Materials - following the tragically totally-not-suitable-for-children adventures of Lyra Belacqua. I'm currently still reading the third (and final!) book - "The Amber Spyglass". And I can't wait for "The Subtle Knife" and "The Amber Spyglass" movies to be released! :D The first book has already been made into a movie, which all of you probably know as "The Golden Compass". ;D

The trilogy that makes up Philip Pullman's majestic saga - His Dark Materials.

My next saga to read is definitely gonna be the Twilight saga. :D My dad's buying the four books for me from Amazon - that's where I got some of my Harry Potter books too because it's cheaper online - so by the time I finish reading The Amber Spyglass, I'll be all pumped up to get my hands on the Twilight goodies! :D

The four books that make up the fantastical Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer.

PS: And I've started playing The Sims. :P Like finally! Wheeee! I started with Sims 1, but obviously I'm not playing it right because my Sims keeps peeing all over the street thanks to my not sending it to the toilet in time (LOL) ... so now I've gotta go read the manual and play Sims 3. :P Haha!