Friday, 19 February 2010

Idol Olympics.

Last night's Late Night With The Yee's (haha!) marked the end of annual CNY visits...

Carmen and her mum's home-made cookies! :D | Me & Teri
*Note: Carmen & Teri are both wayyyyyy taller than me! :P

... and marks the beginning of immersion into American Idol 2010! :D I've decided that I love Idol like how sports fans love sports - cheering for your favourite contestants, groaning when they screw up ("Why did he choose that song?" = "Why did he fumble the ball?"), paying attention to nothing else when the "game is on telly". :P There are parallel examples in almost every scenario I can think of. Just like how sports is arguably a form of reality TV!

American Idol 2010's Top 24, Season 9

Anyway, the Top 24 were officially revealed last night - and I'm so excited! :D And because I have 10 days left of holiday time to do anything I want, and I finished reading the entire His Dark Materials saga last night (such a beautiful yet cruel story) - I'm gonna blog about how I honestly feel about the contestants at this stage! :P And see how much I feel differently later!

Category 1: My favourites for the win!

Janell Wheeler | Lee Dewyze | Crystal Bowersox | Haeley Vaughn

Category 2: So talented! Wouldn't be mad if they won.

Lilly Scott | Aaron Kelly | Andrew Garcia

Category 3: So pretty! Keep them on the show as long as possible!

Casey James | Didi Benami | Tim Urban

Category 4: Nahh... boring. Not for the win.

Katie Stevens | Michael Lynche ("New Dad" story overkill) | Tyler Grady | John Park

Category 5: Who are you guys??

Paige Miles | Siobhan Magnus | Michelle Delamor | Alex Lambert

Joe Munoz | Ashley Rodriguez | Jermaine Sellers | Lacey Brown

Category 6: I would be annoyed if they won! Kick them out!

Katelyn Epperly (pushed by Stage Mum!) | Todrick Hall (show-off!)

*Category 7: People I wish were in the Top 24 (but are not)

Luke Shaffer | Thaddeus Johnson | Ignore far right pic of Tim Urban

Charity Vance

One of the most interesting bits about Idol is that it's always surrounded by drama and controversy - and this year, the first one is that a contestant named Chris Golightly was originally given a spot in the Top 24. But then he got disqualified for breaking some rules (what exactly happened remains a mystery), so Tim Urban was selected to replace him. While Tim Urban is superbly good-looking (hehe!), he can't sing as well as Thaddeus Johnson. But then again, Thaddeus looks a bit like King Kong and threw a big tantrum when he didn't get into the Top 24. But of course, that doesn't make up for the fact that Luke Shaffer didn't get the spot when there was one - sigh!

Oh, and frankly, I don't think Kara DioGuardi should be an Idol judge anymore. She's such an attention-seeker on a show that's supposed to be about the contestants! :P Annoying. So annoying that she makes me miss Paula Abdul. Oh, TV!

PS: For the first time ever, Idol contestants are allowed to connect out to the world via social media. :D Click HERE for their Tweets! MySpace and Facebook links HERE too.