Thursday, 4 February 2010

Syiok Sendiri.

With a little over a week to Gong Xi Gong Xi festivities, I've fallen sick. :( After going out practically everyday, I'm going to stay home until I recover - which meant FFK-ing on that road trip I was supposed to take with Shang and Jen. :( Sorry, pumpkins!

Apart from the fact that I feel like a very unhealthy pastry puff, I finally got my super-belated birthday cake the other day! :D Blackforest goodness.

The strawberry fell off the wagon. Lol!

Tiger Woohoo! was a hilarious movie, and I think yesterday was the last screening date. I brought Mummy, and two of her friends to watch it. Luckily we managed to catch it before its run ended! :P Here's to supporting local cinema! :D

Lace-print viscose tank from Cotton On, RM49

And I picked up my weekly indulgement from Cotton On. :P So the last time I went there with Tse Mun, I saw this tank top that I really liked - but I didn't buy it because I was buying something else. Then I went there yesterday and saw it again - and found out that this was The Last Piece. o.O So yeaahhh, I bought it. :D Super comfy!

On a final note, I finally made that procrastinated trip to the post office! It took about an hour of my life, but I feel so relieved. I posted out three parcels - one to that CharityForSale studio, another to Weiling (a recipe book! cute, right? ;D), and William's birthday present! FYI, I hate the post office. 99% of the time, you bump into really grumpy people who are fed up of queueing for 3 hours to pay their bills. And the counters are filthy. And I'm not very good at sticking stamps! :( It's like a pressure cooker in the post office. I swear!

Toodles. Here's to overcoming a very sore throat and a runny nose. :(


Weiling said...

Recipe book! Recipe book! Recipe book!

*happily dances around the room*

Thank you~! Have been haunting the post office, but no sign of it yet.