Friday, 26 March 2010

All hail Fridays!

I mean that literally! :P

My favourite-restaurant-of-all-time (as you can see on my blog banner, I'm wearing the restaurant logo on my sleeve!) is TGIF (Friday's) - and they sometimes give free fajitas. It's printed at the bottom of your receipt after you dine at Friday's (but it's randomized, not every receipt gets the code) - then you answer the survey and receive a code to "redeem" your free meal. :D :D :D

Two reasons for going to 1U today: TGIF freebie & Cotton On pre-sale!

I love proper shopping sprees! :D And going with Mummy means I won't buy stupid stuff, lol! :P Hugging my shopping bag gleefully all day isn't nearly enough - I feel like wading in my new clothes!

From Cotton On: Ditsy-print floral sundress (far left) & green floral skirt (far right)
From Topshop: Cream-coloured floral skater dress & black crocheted cotton dress

So thankful la. :D

The cream-coloured floral dress in particular is something I've loved for ages, but never thought I'd actually buy one of these someday! This one is so gorgeous, the material is super high quality and insanely soft, and the skirt flares in such a way that it doesn't make my huge butt look huge (for once!) ... I now realise skater dresses are perfectly suited for my body type. I'm so in love!

Floral Lilly Skater Dress from Topshop

And now, to turn back to my assignments! :D One of the things I plan to do is download and edit this video (at the same time crediting the uploader and others as best I can!) for my journalism news story on performance art :)