Thursday, 25 March 2010

“Get busy living, or get busy dying.” -Stephen King

Today, I couldn't find my car.

I should've seen it coming. For starters, the day bopped along like every other Thursday.

Online Journalism Lecture
Journalism lecture at 9am, which I was my usual two minutes late for (heehee) - and as soon as I topple into class:
Lecturer: Sha-Lene. Did you receive my email about the presentations today?
Me: Uh. Ya. Okay.
Fran: *Snorts in laughter* That means you didn't lah.
Me: Ha?
Lecturer: You're all doing the group presentations today.
Me: Ohh... okay.
Lecturer: Where are your group members?
Me: Uhh. *Looks around classroom* Not here. But it's ok, we'll present today.
And then I stagger to the vacant row of seats at the back of the classroom and call my group members on my cell. Jung Ai is stuck in traffic, Calyn sounds like she's just left her house. LOL. But the presentations were only in the second hour of the two-hour class, so no worries lah. Luckily, Calyn did our slides the day before and we'd already edited everything ... and we were pretty much ready to just wing it off the top of our heads - when you spend 72 hours building every inch of a website, you can pretty much talk about it without rehearsing. :D

And then we were Group 1, so we had to present first. But the next time my lecturer emails me saying there's a presentation in 24 hours, I will not think to myself, "Oh, he's probably joking lah."

After our five minutes of fame and then listening to ten other groups present their blogs (themes ranging from sex education to travel to student life to the environment - which was a VERY popular theme given that Earth Hour is this Saturday) ...

Cultural & Communications Policy Tutorial
As every Thursday goes, after journalism lecture I would rush off to my Policy tutorial (back-to-back classes is kinda tiring!) with Jung Ai. Then we got into groups and discussed questions for half an hour, then the tutor discussed the answers with all of us - and then LUNCH BREAK! :D

Lunch Break
Thursdays at 12pm is supposed to be my weekly "lunch date" with Hammy and Jenny, but Jenny had a problem with the online submission of one of her assignments and had to skip lunch (poor thing!) and Dr Yeoh Seng Guan suddenly came over to our table with his tomyam noodles and sat down to hear the latest gossip. HAHAHAHA. He wanted to know why all the girls are wearing hot pants these days. I told him it's because they are wearing whatever Miley Cyrus is wearing. LOL.

The Boring 1pm-2pm Hole In The Day
Hammy (and Jenny) have class from 1pm-2pm, so after the weekly lunch I can never decide what to do. Choosing between sitting down to "study" (10 minutes to find a space, 5 minutes to get settled .... oops time to get to class!) and checking my email (15 minutes to find an empty computer, 5 minutes to log in ... oops time to get to class!), I chose to check my email. And I'm so totally glad I did, because turns out Cotton On emailed me with some private sale info ... yay! :) Apparently I'm on their VIP list... just goes to show how much I love shopping. Hahaha! Kidding lah - if you want in on private sales and more goodies, just sign up on their mailing list or something. ;)

And so when I was looking for a functioning printer to print the invitation, I discovered (thanks to one of my friends) a new printing station in uni ... Building 9, Level 3. Why it's hidden away in the middle of nowhere, I dunno ... but it looks exactly like an immigration counter or passport-making government department.

Everything floral that I own shows just how much I loove shopping :D

Globalization & Its Discontents Tutorial
We discussed about poverty and inequality, and how globalization is great as long as we manage it properly and reform the bits that have gone wonky. :) And we got our first assignment instructions today - and it's a group project so I'm teamed up with May Yen and Tharshini. :D Remember them? I'm pretty happy that I'm working with them for the project because that'll give us a chance to hang out again!

Authorship & Writing Tutorial
Then I rush off my next class with Tharshini - to end the day with an hour of laughing at Dr Andrew's antics. Hahaha. Today we discussed psychoanalysis (Freudian sex theories, basically) - which he's taught us a couple of days ago in the lecture.
Dr Andrew: Can someone tell me what is psychoanalysis?
Student: A theory.
Dr Andrew: Oh my god, a theory! *CLAP CLAP CLAP* Excuse me, everything I have been teaching you all are theories. What is this theory about?
And Then I Couldn't Find My Car
When I was in the parking bay, I realised I couldn't remember where I parked my car. LOL. The horror. So I'm walking around the parking bay like an idiot, car keys in my hand and stupid smile on my face - and then one of the nice security guards comes to my rescue.
Guard: Kenapa?
Me: I can't remember where I parked my car la.
Guard: LOL. Kereta apa?
Me: Green Myvi. Number plates ... uhh... WPJ ... 5643. (BTW TURNS OUT MY NUMBER PLATES ARE NOT WPJ 5643)
Guard: Ok. (LOLs to himself, then radioes out the info to the other guards)
Me: Umm wait wait, maybe it's not 5643 ... maybe some other number. But definitely a green Myvi.
Guard: Ok.
And so the hunt began. After I called Hammy - she found this very funny - I realised I might've parked my car on the "other" side of the carpark ... so I ventured over to the other side. And lo and behold, there was my faithful little Myvi! :D I could almost see sunbeams dancing around it, and a Hallelujah chorus started to play exclusively for me.

Then I climbed in and drove around the carpark until I found the guard who was helping me look for my car. :P Thanked him profusely, although I already knew I'd provided them jokes for the entire weekend already.

So ... that's the story of how I couldn't find my car. :/

Currently working on: Transcribing interviews for journalism. Will totally blog about my first journalism assignment after I've handed it in! :)

PS: I feel seriously inspired to make YouTube videos for fun (like as a hobby), especially after stumbling upon one of my classmate's vlog! :P Check it out because it's HILARIOUS.