Sunday, 28 March 2010

My Date Night

Oklah so maybe my - our - opinions about love and life will change when I actually fall in love someday, and I'll be grinning sheepishly at these old blog posts. Right now, my most memorable date is when I was vacationing in Rotterdam. His name was Robert but I called him Robot. We met in Rotterdam, and I think he was probably my first love. :D

I remember that he had brown hair with streaks of dark blonde. I remember I was wearing an all-denim ensemble, denim jacket with denim jeans. I remember that we sat next to each other on the train, and hung out together the entire day of sightseeing. I remember jumping up and down the steps of some tourist attraction that I can no longer remember, apart from the pigeons. I remember we kissed. LOL.

And I remember that we were about five or six years old. :D

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All the other dates that I will have for the rest of my life will never displace my first date. Because we were too cool, Robot and I! :P I don't remember everything, but I sure hope the date nights of my future will be just as fun.

Makes me totally want to watch Date Night. :D