Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Government cheese.

Every moment that passes by, I'm inching towards the upcoming Easter break. All hail nine glorious days of no classes, eventhough I have to work on at least 2 assignments over the nine days! :P

Between working on my first big journalism assignment for the semester and making spectre-thin attempts to absorb other articles into what feels like an oversaturated throbbing head (what a long sentence), I've had three interesting distractions:

Distraction 1: Sell, sell, sell!

It all started when a girl wanted to buy a t-shirt from me, but for some strange reason I couldn't find the shirt anywhere in the house. :( But while looking for that shirt, I came across some of my other stuff that I had no use for. Long story short, within 24 hours I sold off four items. :D That's pretty lucky sales! I received email orders within minutes of posting, which is pretty incredible considering the fact that the economy is supposed to be slowing down. LOL. Maybe because I priced the items really affordably - we're talking RM15 - RM25, and all prices including postage. :D Cheap prices always move things along faster.

Distraction 2: A Shiny New Key

This is what happened: Yesterday, I received a letter from Monash Australia congratulating me because they're inviting me to join a society I've never heard of before - the Golden Key International Honour Society. My thought process:
1. Wah, so prestigious wan! Like a secret society.
2. Wah, why do I have to pay 95AUD to join? :(
3. Is this a scam? :( Why does the pin cost 19.50AUD? (Luckily it's optional)
4. Okla, I'd better Google it and ask around to find out more ...
5. Turns out it's not a scam, it is legitimate. :D But half the Internet criticises it for being an elitist, snooty society - the other half says it's great for networking and stuff. But there's a lot of very interesting controversy and opinions surrounding it.
6. Found out Hammy's invited too! :D :D Also found out there are other members in Monash Sunway like May Yen, Melody Song, Yen Ming, Jacqui Kong etc and some faculty members.
7. Hammy and I both decided that we're going to join it. :P

So, yeah. That's my immortalised first impression of the Golden Key Society. :D I think it's an interesting opportunity, and it's always good to seize opportunities - so, carpe diem! It's a little expensive (especially after the conversion rate to MYR) but I can always make the money back - whether through blog advertising, affiliated company advertorials, and perhaps other opportunities that may come along! :) I also want to see what I can do with the local Monash Malaysia campus.

Distraction 3: The Malaysian Mirror Maybe

Once again, I really have to thank Nuffnang for this opportunity. :) Of course, nothing is confirmed yet - I need to find out more, but it sounds like another interesting opportunity. Basically, if I'm not mistaken, the Malaysian Mirror asked Nuffnang to recommend some bloggers to write columns in the online news portal - because they're looking to reach out to a larger audience. And YourShoppingKaki (= me) is slated to be one of the possible columnists, so I'm going for a briefing this coming weekend to hear them out. :D

I've already picked out and tested my outfit! :D LOL!

Speaking of clothes (hee!), look at this gorgeous bow-backed dress from Le Mode Maison! :D

Mine is the one in black :D Haven't received it yet.