Thursday, 8 April 2010


Ohmaigawd, what's wrong with the judges on American Idol?!

Didi Benami: not saved | Michael Lynch: saved

Last week, they practically offered Didi Benami to the sharks - and this week, they freakin' use the judges' save on Michael Lynche??!


If you weren't going to save Didi, at least save someone cool like Siobhan Magnus or Aaron Kelly!

I missed the performances last night because I was writing my Policy essay (which I finished late last night, yay!), but luckily I can watch the performances on the American Idol website :D Tonight's the results show in Malaysia - but then suddenly I found the results on E!, apparently Malaysia results are delayed :P

The rest of my "holiday" will be spent doing my Authorship essay (I hope!). And writing my first Malaysian Mirror article! :D

(Update @ 2.13pm: Written and sent my first MM story! :D)