Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The halfway house.

I would like to think I'm halfway through my Policy essay, which I've targeted to finish before I go to sleep today. I just have to read five journal articles (which averages from 14 to 73 pages) and get the essay done!

Jenny describes uni assignments as utterly "depressing". With that said, on a less "depressing" note, here's a look at what I've been up to besides my assignments.

Project Procrastination: Product Reviews

Basically, Michelle Chuah from Supermodel's Secrets emailed YSK (my alter-ego, hahahh) asking if we could try her products and write our opinions about them. I'm not so into beauty products and cosmetics online, so I referred her to Datin (YSK's guest blogger). Cynthia was all up for it, except for the electronic tweezer thingy - but when I watched the magical YouTube ad for the Emjoi TweeZe, I was totally game to sample it! :D

So yeah. Then I realised, with four beauty products set to be reviewed and published on YSK, I thought it'd be great to add one more product to the bunch - something I knew lots of my readers were curious about but never dared to try - false eyelashes! :D

So I emailed Jane from Lemon Honey Lemon, one of my old clients (cheh wahh I call my YSK advertisers my "clients" now haha!) and told her about the series of product reviews we were gonna do on YSK. And yup, as I hoped, she was game for it too. :D So I'm going to be trying and writing about the TweeZe and falsies. Yay! Although that'll probably happen next week, when I receive the stuff and after I've finished my assignments. :P

But at least it's something to look forward to! :D That, and the Euphoria bazaar this Saturday afternoon IF I can call myself close to finishing all my due-next-week assignments. :/


The Soul said...

and today i bought 4 falsies for RM10, in attempt to get ready for the patch an eyeshadow review!!! :D

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