Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Killing me loudly.

Oh, the wonderful world of academia.
Lee Jung Ai's status message: ENH is driving me mad!~
Me: Hey your status msg is too old
Lee: oh yeah haha
should change it
Lee Jung Ai's new status message is: JRN is driving me mad!~
My voice recorder's battery went flat on me today in the middle of ENH. I just spent the last two hours recharging it, although I charged it last night. What can I say?
Next time, if you're not fully charged please don't say you're fully charged!
My best friend in uni said she wants something from Diva for her birthday.
I said something along the lines of "Ha ha, too bad, I already got you something else!" LOL.
What's the first thing your skinny friends do when they walk into your room? My skinny friends always hop on my weighing scale, which I avoid like the plague! :P Shaza did it the first time she came to my house, and Jung Ai did it today. I'm totally gonna see if the next skinny friend who comes into my room does it too!