Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Why you so like that one.

Career Expo Day, Monash University

The rep from Jobstreet was awesome. They were having this résumé clinic, so he went through mine like it was an essay - remarks, comments, how to improve it, etc! :D Makes me feel like working at Jobstreet in future.

Overall, however, the career fair kinda tanked. It was so heavily focused on banking and finance firms that it couldn't have been more obvious that the event was organised by banking and finance students. The other thing was that firms at the fair weren't actually prepared to accept applications or go in-depth into what exactly students wanted, like in some really good career fairs in the city. It was more like a chorus of:
"Hi, we're from Company XYZ. Here's a brochure. Please go to our website for all the information you need. If you fill in this survey, you get a free ball-point pen. Thanks and have a nice day!"
Like, hello! Please tell me what is the purpose of each firm sending half a dozen reps to go all the way to there, if everything I need to know is on your website? Smiling and being nice won't kill you either. Of course, not all the reps were like this la, but a few bad apples can spoil the whole basket, didn't you know? By "basket" I am referring to the company's image.
I know students probably aren't VIPs to big MNCs, but: "If you want to see the true measure of a person, watch how he/she treats his inferiors, not his/her equals."
It was definitely a pretty disappointing fair compared to the NGO Day one, where the NGOs were all passionate and excited - and super welcoming.