Saturday, 24 April 2010

Sales. Have kittens over them!

What an unexpectedly busy Saturday! I went to Subang Parade for the I Love Bazaar bazaar, but ended up accidentally going to the Trinkets Trail Market bazaar at first - so I ended up reviewing both bazaars on Your Shopping Kaki. :P

And then, just as I thought I could go home and call it a day (haha! reviewing bazaars is a lot more tiring than it looks!) ... Datin Cynthia texted me with an offer I couldn't resist.


So yah :P I went to meet Cynthia (happy woman pictured above!) and go to Cats Whiskers to see what the fuss was about! The entire Friday, Cynthia was tempting Jaclyn, Nathalee, Lidi and myself like crazy with the darn sale.

There Were A Lot Of Shoppers!!

And A Lot Of Stuff!!

Especially shoes! Sky-high heels of all sorts. At first I thought, "Oooh only RM20+, maybe I should try a pair..." and then I actually tried on a pair, and for a moment believed my feet were dying a painful death! It was a wave of oxygen when I returned to the comfort of my floral flat sandals :D

But I really loved their accessories! :D Pity most of them were probably sold out before I got to them :/

Their bags were pretty too. And this was the pair of heels I thought looked the prettiest :)

But I didn't buy them because I knew I wouldn't find them comfortable :(

Cynthia loved the heels at Cats Whiskers, though! :D This is totally her second time there in two days, ahahhaah!

Spot the pair she obsessed over today:

Dancing in her newly-bought Sailormoon wedges!

Two hours or so later, we piled into Datin's car with two plastic bags filled with stuff - one bag was Datin's, one bag was Nat's! :D Hahahaha Nathalee was doing some sort-of-vicarious shopping via Cynthia, since Nat's in Penang! :P

Datin bought a purple cardigan-vest, the Sailormoon heels, a peek-a-boo tunic and an elephantine necklace :D

I didn't have a plastic bag - got a little paper bag instead, because this is all I bought:

A heart-shaped locket, for RM15! :D I want to do that thing where I put "photos of loved ones" inside it. Hehehehheeee. So sappy.

And these are my spoils from the bazaars earlier today:

Tartan tunic from The Survival Store, RM20 | Floral tank from Eff Bombs, RM35

Photo credits to Trendy Confessions & The Survival Store

Oooooh and look:

A present from Suzanne, all the way from Bangkok!! :D It's the sweetest thing, whee!


nathaliez said...

thanks for all ur pics...its calling my name to spend unnecessarily again.
But its good, I have a rough idea of how the sale is..surprisingly not much people.