Friday, 23 April 2010


Last night was Idol Gives Back. I watched every second of the two-hour special until I "closed my eyes" during a commercial break - 15 minutes before the elimination results were going to be announced - and next thing I knew, it was 7.45am and I was going to be late for my Friday morning tutorial!

So basically I konked out for 12 hours. While I was snoring away, Tim Urban got kicked out! :( He Who Looks Like Zac Efron is no longer part of Idol Season 9. Booooooo. And it's so obvious that "Big Mike" is still in the competition just because of his warna.

Besides making up for lost sleep by zonking out for half a day straight, I finally finished trying on all the false eyelashes that Lemon.Honey.Lemon sent me for my product review! :D

One of the pairs even had rhinestones in them! Zomg! Hahahha

My favourite pair is the criss-cross falsies. :D Which you can buy by clicking here! ;P

And I received my black maxi dress from Lollysta yesterday! :) I'm utterly and butterly in love with it - washed it immediately (I Know Right?!) and wore it to uni today :P

But I think I need to shorten it by an inch - or buy a pair of higher heels! :D

Final notes - I'm going to a bazaar I should've gone to much earlier on but couldn't find time to until now (hehe) - ILoveBazaar by RylDesigns! :) It's in Subang Parade this entire weekend - do check it out if you've got a couple of hours to spare!

Aaaaand I just found my friend's short film, check it outt! It looks like the whole film was shot in Monash. Especially in the gents'! :P Embedded below:

Basement from Brad Liew on Vimeo.