Saturday, 22 May 2010


Latest ogle: Spotty floral lightweight oversized scarf from ASOS, £15

I was supposed to write 1000 words for my journalism debate. Somehow, I've written about 1600 words - and I haven't done any rebuttals yet. LOL. But before I start my rebuttals (I'll have to wait a couple of days for the opposing team's second speaker to post up her argument), I have to choke out 2250 words for my Cultural and Communications Policy essay.

Oh well. At least I've started something today, even if it's a debate argument overpopulated with too many words. And I wrote my fourth article for the Mirror last night! :) I was feeling kinda guilty for not handing anything in for the last two weeks. None of the other bloggers seemed to be handing anything new in either, hehe :P But I'm still reeling from the excitement of having total strangers comment on my third article. :D

As a footnote - excuse my pun - after I did what I could for the debate so far, I went into the family shoe cupboard and dug out an unworn pair of white gladiator wedges that I got last year from Mechell. I want to start wearing them! :D

In reality, I'm very much into espadrille wedges. Gladiator platforms. Flat sandals. Cork wedge heels. And I'd probably never buy stilettos in the foreseeable future because they're not comfortable. But for the sake of footwear fantasies ...

Reta Japanese Blossom Heels $25.80 | Faux leather stiletto boots with lace overlay $27.80

Crossover Lace Wedge Shoes £50 | Cut Out Wedge Sandals £45

Bow Heeled Shoes £45 | Dr Martens 1640 Rose Print 8-Eye Boot £85

YouTube vids you should watch if you want to procrastinate from getting any actual work done: