Sunday, 9 May 2010

Twelve-hour meetings

The weekend did not exist! It was as if I was vacuumed into a time vortex where Friday skipped to Monday. A twelve-hour group meeting on Saturday took place in my bedroom, where May Yen, Tharshini and I discussed everything under the sun from seamonkeys to a disgusting new horror movie called "The Human Centipede" ... and then three hours of slightly heated debate about which stand to take in our essay.

And then I spent the whole day today writing my part of the essay, to send to May Yen so that she can start her continuation. I know it sounds gross, but I literally haven't even had time to shower. But obviously, I will make time to blog before I jump into the bath :P

I just wanted to say ... I wish I had these shoes!

Faux leather heels from Clothesbucket, RM65

But yeah... I won't buy them because I probably wouldn't wear them. And because I don't want to buy anymore things this month! :)

Tomorrow: Another week, another round of assignments to conquer!

Yours truly, not concentrating in class.

Me and Shangari, on a Tuesday.

Nadia Halina and Lochna Menon, on Green Day!

Santushi (Sushi) - Mandy (looking a little too happy there!) and the beautiful Malati!

Jung Ai (Korean who speaks Chinese) and Chloe (Chinese who speaks Korean)

Journalism lecture - Mr Jeswant teaching us ABC (zoom in!) and Calyn wearing Ai's glasses

Sushi and I. Both not concentrating in class.

Btw this video is so funny!