Friday, 25 June 2010

Blog! I've missed you!

Say it with me now: "Exams are OVER!" And wow, this officially marks the end of my second year at Monash University! :D Driving to uni for my exam this afternoon, I couldn't help reflecting on how much I love it here - from the buildings and lecturers, to the things I learn and the friends I've made - and how even exam stress here is never that awfully stressful. If there's any place to learn the "Can Do" attitude, it's my wonderful university :) Serious!

Mummy's birthday celebration last weekend - her sister bought this delicious cake from Baker's Cottage!

My two grandmas - paternal on the left, maternal on the right :)

This picture is my favourite "exam fever" shot: my favourite floral scrunchie my grandma made - I have to tie up my hair for exams! - and I put a highlighter on my dressing table to remind myself to pack my pencilcase for the exam.

"Exams are over!" celebrations begin! Left: Deliriously happy Mandy | Right: Sushikins!

I finally gave Shang her birthday present! :D And after-exam celebrations at Popeyes!

Spotted: Forever 21 now has an RM29 section of basic tops and corporate blouses!
Also spotted: A pro-gay mannequin in Kitschen :D Fyi, the mannequin is male.

The first round of post-exam shopping celebrations! :D Everywhere is on sale!
Floral dress from Cotton On | Cosmic shoulder dress from Kitschen *in love with this!*

My sneaker heels from Redopin via Korean Fashion Station - LOVE!

Today: Exam-is-over celebrations began! :D Right after the Authorship paper, Shang, Sushi and I went to Pyramid for a very early dinner - we were starving - at Popeyes! :) Then we went shopping! :D Shang bought tanks from Forever 21 and Nichii, Sushi bought soap powder from JUSCO. LAL (read: Laugh A Lot). Then my parents threw an awesome barbecue party, so I can't believe it's 1.40am already as I'm typing this, I'm so totally going to go to sleep after I post this up!

Tomorrow: Urbanscapes! And I'm finally seeing Carmen and An Nie again after aeons!