Saturday, 26 June 2010


Hello! :D Here I am, sunburnt beyond recognition on every inch of exposed skin except for my face - thanks to my BB cream, hehe! Urbanscapes has finally arrived - and passed! - and I came home without any new treasures to call my shopping haul. Wah! I guess it was because it was really too hot and my friends and I didn't appreciate the muddy grass ... so no mood lah to shop :(

All in all, we were ill-prepared for a hot day in the middle of an open field :P I didn't even wear any sunblock - genius, I know - or bring enough water, which resulted in three of us spending RM18 on F&N canned drinks in the three hours we were there!

But because my best friends were there, I had tonnes of fun! :D

"Look out for that car behind you, Carrie!"

Group photo! "Must see the Urbanscapes banner in the background yah!"

Only my second time ever in KLPac! Beautiful place.

Wah even the rules manage to look cool!

A video to show you what it was like:

Adorable An Nie | Awesome Carmen! (I love her floral ring! Vintage-inspired from F21)

My beautiful friends~~

LOL so much going on!

Bumped into friends from Monash! :D Weiyan in blue, Cyren with yummy cookies!

I feel tempted to get this Archie Grand notebook from I Love Snack Food!

I met Jaclyn!! AT LAST! :D Now the only person in the 38 Gang left to meet is Nath!

I'm so happy to see An Nie again! :D

Snacks! :D

The weather was SOOO hot! Yet Jenny wore the cardigan she wears to uni :D

After Urbanscapes, we went to pick up An Nie's younger sister from the legendary Kuen Cheng High School! :D

I even made a little video, hehehehe! :D

On a rather separate note:

I love these shoes from Honeyiqi - but they're 47,900 Won. That's about RM128. At the same time, I know the quality is going to be worth it - it's from Korean Fashion Station after all! :D - but I'm not sure if I'll find these shoes comfortable. They're very different from the super-comfy sneaker heels ... hmmmmm.
Update (27 June): Gah! The shoes above have just been sold out in my size (250)! T.T

Recently, I'm just so frustrated with the shoes I'm buying in malls here - they keep spoiling so quickly! :( Another pair died on me today, with the sole peeling off again. Where can I buy shoes, people?! Shoes that last me way longer than 5 wears or so?

... and the hunt begins. LOL.

And when I said I returned home without any shopping haul, it's 99.9% true! :P I really didn't buy anything - except drinks - but Jenny and I ordered three identical dove rings to be made by Jess (The Aura) - one each for Jen, Shang, and myself! :D We're pretty excited for the rings to be ready, which should be sometime next month! :)


Mechell said...

jenny's dress is SO sososososo pretty!!

Lydia said...

oh my.. i didnt know Kuen CHeng looked so awesome now. ex kindy//
ahhh havent been back there for more than 15 years :P

nathaliez said...

we shall meet some day kekek :)
Im surprised u met Jac the first time. KL lang wor?