Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I love comedy like you love rock and roll.

But I loathe long research essays as much as the next person. :( I have at least 1700 more words to write for my research essay on economic globalization. I'll probably skip my journalism lecture tomorrow and just go for the tutorial on Friday. :/ I feel reallyyyy bad, but I'm so tired! And no, I'm not just saying that coz my lecturer might be reading this. Ha, ha.

Currently 1184 words into a 2800-word essay. Gah. And I'm totally not satisfied with my thesis yet.

Oh oh and it looks like some of my old friends from law school are auditioning for Project Alpha Season 3! :) You can vote for them here, here and here.

PS: Now I know not to write so much nonsense in my emails :P Didn't realise they'd literally publish the entire email! Click here to view my first photo in Wearnesday.