Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Shopaholic-Workaholic Conundrum.

My first pair of floral leggings! :D

Just bought them yesterday from Suzanne at a bazaar yesterday called Chic Pop Street Market 4 by Tongue In Chic. Suzanne brought a whole bunch of stocks back from London and Paris, and this floral delight is from Primark - at size 14! :D

The two items at the bazaar I fell in love with: the floral leggings and a floral twist-lock sling bag. But I didn't buy the floral bag ... which I kinda regret :(

Mei and her latest line of chain accessories! | Gorgeous Shaza, the original shopping kaki! :D

Datin Diva a.k.a. Cynthia Lee Suet Mun | Shaza and Mechell :)

Never had a picture with Mei and Rena - until now! :D

Cynthia with Saleena from Mocha Latte! :) Proceeds from her blog go to charity!

Once again, Chic Pop was a blast! :D Definitely one of my favourite bazaars to go to :D Ooh and the red belted thingy with the gold buckle is SWAG (Stuff We All Get!) from TiC :) It's actually a pretty cool bracelet, hehe! Click here for more photos from the event.

And now that bazaar season is over (until Urbanscapes, that is!), I guess I should buckle down and start work on my last assignment for the semester. :D Before exam season kicks in, lol!

PS: Yes, I drove to Sunway Giza! :D With the aid of one GPS and one Mechell :P


joven said...

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May Ching said...

Love the get-up!!! Really rocked it didn't ya :)