Monday, 14 June 2010

iWant to win an iPad

I read in an article in Newsweek about a month ago that the iPad is perfect for the mums of the world. :) Because it's big and easy to read (LOL) and more straightforward to use than laptops. So here I am, attempting a long-shot attempt to win an iPad for my mum!

If you would like to:
1) Do a random act of kindness by helping me out, and/or
2) Give yourself a chance to win an iPad -

Just click HERE to register - that's the first step to joining the contest anyway :)

There's absolutely no payment or strings attached when registering, and you don't have to worry about them selling your personal data or spamming you with emails :) Because I've registered and I didn't receive any emails from them. Also, I've worked with this company before and correspond every now and then with the happy people behind VsHub :) Not conjobs!

So pretty please, register ok? :)

I'm basically in second place right now, and only the first place winner wins the iPad! Gah! The contest ends 7th July.

PS: My gosh, the World Cup game between England and USA... LOL.