Saturday, 12 June 2010

One foot forward.

Laced-up ankle boots from Agape Boutique

Order placed on 26th May, shoes arrived at my doorstep on 12th June! :D That's pretty fast for online pre-order shoes - only a little over 2 weeks! And best of all - they fit! Yayyyy. Size 39 - their biggest size. LOL. And the shoes are pretty gorgeous :) Can't wait for my sneaker heels from Korean Fashion Station too - although the Korean ones are more than twice the price of the local/Taiwan-imported ones :P

And Lydia finally received her birthday present - a red studded bag - from all of us! :) By "us" I mean Charmin, Cynthia, Nathalie, Jaclyn, Mechell and myself.

Thanks to Charmin for writing the card and posting the bag to Lidi! :D

Ooh read on Perez Hilton about a South Korean girl who made it big on YouTube (yet another YouTube-made star!) by singing Beyonce & Lady Gaga songs - but not just that, she used iPhones to make the instrumental music! Cooool beans!

Check out her videos below:

PS: After 8 months since I've last seen them, I still feel my heart beat a little faster whenever I accidentally-on-purpose stumble upon a picture or link to these Marc by Marc Jacobs portfolio bags.

Retailing in US for $198 (RM651) | Available online for RM1399

Obviously, I like the yellow one. :P But unlike my obsession over smartphones, this MBMJ infatuation is purely hypothetical - I would never be able to overcome my guilt long enough to actually buy it. Boo to the superego :(

PPS: My favourite sand art video ever :)