Thursday, 29 July 2010

Monkeys! Run for your lives!

There are two monkeys terrorizing my neighbourhood! :(

They first appeared yesterday evening (like in photo above) - then today, one came to my window! :( AAAAARGH! I'm too frightened to go into the garden now, lest a monkey suddenly jump down from the roof! So on the advice of a friend, I called MBPJ - who referred me to Perhilitan (Wildlife Department) - whose line said, "Sekarang adalah selepas waktu pejabat kami."

So I'll have to call them tomorrow.

On one hand, these monkeys are such poor things - they probably lost their homes after Perhilitan destroyed their homes via development and deforestation. And now, these wild animals are scavenging for food in the roofs and trash cans of unsuspecting, alarmed suburbans. :( On the other hand, they can really be very dangerous animals - the Perhilitan people have to take them away!

If only alcohol A&W Root Beer could drown my fear of monkeys.

PS: I was reading Mechell's blog (hehe) when I realised just how much she really uses the lace bag I got her for her birthday! :D It's already accompanied her from parties to road trips (wahh!). Makes me happy, hehehe!

Pics from Mechell's blog "My Unofficial Biography"