Friday, 30 July 2010

Oh my Sartre!

How this phrase was coined in the cafeteria at lunch today:
Me: Oh my god, I'm stuffed!
Shangari: You don't say... (But I thought she said "Don't say that" i.e. "Don't use God's name in vain", LOL)
Me: Oh, okay. Oh my Sartre?
Shangari: Oh my Sartre!!! *ROFL* I'm so going to say that now!
If you don't see why this is so funny, it's because you're looking at an inside joke taken out of its context :P This is the context:

Last semester, we went Facebook official on our "Religious Views" after learning about Jean-Paul Sartre, the father of existentialism. :D I know, I know. Other college kids have frat parties and get tattoos... we declare a philosophy as a religious view of life :P We're such wildchilds.


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