Friday, 2 July 2010

Why the holiday so short one.

Three weeks is so totally NOT considered a holiday. Look how fast 3 weeks flies by! I haven't even started enjoying my holiday yet, and it's already been 8 days into my "holiday".

But I guess because I'm a workaholic, I actually enjoy my "work" - and cannot NOT do work! I love the adrenaline rush of constant deadlines, being busy and having endless "To Do" lists, always having something to do even after I've finished doing what I'm supposed to be doing ...

Screenshot of posts I'm working on for Your Shopping Kaki

This morning, I got up early and did my makeshift "photoshoot" to show the world plus-size girls can wear jumpsuits too. :D I've discovered that my attic is a glorious place to take pictures! Because there's a big window where the light comes in ~ yay ~

And tomorrow, I have to finally pull down the past semester's notes and lists from my walls! And file everything into folders. Can't believe it's been eight days and I haven't done that yet. :P