Thursday, 1 July 2010

Happy July!

This is how June ended for me:

Two of my best friends sprawled all over my room, after gatecrashing my house - waking me up at 1pm (okay, so it was my fault for sleeping at 7am :P) and attempting to bring "chicken soup" to my house because I'm sick! :)

And Jenny gave me a very early 22nd birthday present! :D

The 7 books I've spent the last decade searching for: Sailormoon comics volumes 1-7! You see, I have volumes 8 to 18, but I couldn't find 1 to 7 anywhere ... and Jenny went and found them for me! :P When I was young, my mum would buy me one volume each month, and I would look forward to a Sailormoon comic each month! Now my Sailormoon comic collection is finally complete ... words cannot express how grateful and touched I am!

And this is how July began:

A whole box of products from Kawaii Store, thanks to Bee Yang! :D A LOMO camera, 12 jelly lenses, two specially-ordered camera lenses (one macro, one fish-eye) because she knew how much I love the fish-eye effect (so sweet!) - plus a packet of triple A batteries - I can't wait to work on the whole review for YSK! :D

And yay! I'm totally stoked because I finally bought a pair of shoes via Korean Fashion Station! :D I decided to buy these red studded laced-up wedges from Style Nanda, which is supposed to be Korea's #1 webstore! :) This pair of shoes are also custom-made - like, I order now, and only now do they start making my pair! They'll be ready in 2-3 weeks, and then takes 1-2 weeks to be shipped from Korea to Malaysia I'm getting them sent to my dad in Korea so I can save RM35 from shipping, hehe! :D

Thus, I estimate I'll probably get them in August! :) I'm so excited!