Saturday, 21 August 2010

Baby's day out.

I have tunnel vision. Nowadays when I look at a newspaper, all I do is scan the sports headlines and skim through yawn-inducing sports articles. Because I gravitate towards lifestyle, fashion, and prefer even politics and world news over sports, it's a tremendous effort to force myself to read the next sports-related sentence in an article.

I never appreciated politics until I had to study sports. But please, if anyone reading this knows any athletes or anyone who knows anything about sports or does anything related to sports - please email me at You will have my eternal gratitude. I need stories, leads and interviewees!

Anyway, forced sports obsession aside, today was a day spent with babies. Not grown-ups acting like babies, but literally - babies. Infants. A-few-month-old humans with no verbal skills whatsoever and adorable little faces that can scrunch up at a moment's notice and wail accusingly like you made them cry :(

Daytime was with little Nikita - Maria's baby - gatecrashing my room :) Nighttime was with little Thea, my month-old cousin :D Pictured below is my mum with Thea :D Such an adorable photo!

P.S: OB Couture in Tropicana City Mall is pure genius! Click HERE to read why.