Saturday, 21 August 2010

Two BFFs and three cameras later.

Look who's back from England! :D Vanessa! :D But she goes back to Manchester United this Sunday :( But I'm happy I get to see her ONCE during her too-short summer break, hehe! And look what she gave to me! Thank you Besh! :D A beaded-shoulder dress from Primark!

It was then that I noticed Vanessa has a thing for shoulder decor on clothes :P Do you not see the shiny sequins on her shirt? Ahahahaha!

Oh gosh, I do love Primark so much - it's as affordable as UK stuff can get. The floral leggings I'm always wearing are from Primark too - imported by Suzanne of course :P If and when I go to England again one day, I'm so totally going to appreciate Primark in its fullest!

We spent three hours taking photos while talking. Can you believe that? THREE HOURS TAKING PHOTOS. And why? Because of Vanessa's unbelievably awesome new toy:


At first I couldn't figure out why the screen persistently remained black. Then I realised there's a cap on the lens :P

It was surprisingly light! I expected a 1.5kg rock but instead, it was like the weight of two digital cameras. Besides the camera knapsack that Vanessa has to carry it in (like a HP laptop bag for laptops), this doesn't seem like a bad camera at all :P

But the genius thing about this particular DSLR owner was that she forgot to bring her memory card. LOL! What's the point of carrying a DSLR around if you can't take any photos with it? :P So I had to lend her my camera's memory card for the 3 hours - and luckily, I have the LOMO camera that Bee Yang sent to me for the YSK review :D

Vanessa was fascinated with the tiny-ness of the LOMO camera and tried to take a picture of me with it.

She missed. LOL. That's the drawback of a LOMO - you have to hold still for three beeps and be careful to place the viewfinder slightly higher than your actual target focus! XD

Oooh before Vanessa came over to my place, I went to The Curve a.k.a. the only mall besides Atria that I can find my way around in all by myself! :D While I was there, I found out that they're having a Ramadhan bazaar - definitely check it out if you can! If you go there on a weekend, you get the triple goodness of the Ramadhan bazaar, Curve Street Market and Le Tressor Galleria! :) That's like the shopping trifecta, imho.

Since I've used the term "shopping trifecta", there was no way I would've returned home empty-handed :D In my favourite place, the Galleria - I really do love it, the people are so nice and the items are so affordable for the quality offered - I found two wonderful discoveries: new fitting rooms (yay! you can now try on anything!) and a leafy floral maxi dress with a poofy rara hem. Instant love!

Also picked up a copy of CLEO magazine at TESCO for my bi-monthly "offline" fashion update :D Humour me - I like to think of offline shopping and a couple of fashion magazines as research.

P.S: I saw this bag in a store opposite Metrojaya in The Curve today, and I was immediately taken by the fact that it was a patterned Chanel-inspired bag. I literally gasped at the discovery! :D Particularly since I've been watching Sex and The City (series) with a new appreciation for the bags, shoes and clothes in it - and I've seen some really adorable patterned Chanel bags! :P

Anyway, I didn't buy it - or even dare to enquire about the price - because I thought it would probably be too expensive :P So I told Vanessa, "I almost bought this today!" and she said, "Oh thank goodness you didn't."