Friday, 27 August 2010

Couture Mamak

One of the best things about Malaysia is the number of public holidays we have :D To celebrate the holiday, Datin Cynthia and Mei whisked me out for lunch at a no-maxi zone.

It's like they're both talking at the same time, and I'm not listening because I'm too busy taking pictures :P

Look where Mei led us to - a restaurant I'd never been to before, called "Kanna Curry House" in SS2.

Mei explained that this mamak restaurant operates on a "dim sum" style order system. The waiters appear suddenly next to you with a plate of chicken or currypuffs or fish or condiments and start piling it on your plate until you say "stop".

Frankly, at first I was a little bit frightened. It was like playing a 3D arcade game - everything was happening so fast! Especially when they gave me a banana leaf instead of a plate, and there were no forks or spoons in sight :P And when the waiter piled on a bunch of unrecognisable objects on to my banana leaf, like dried chillies and dried bittergourd.

These two were, however, not lost at all. Or it'd be like the blind leading the blind :P

To my relief, not only was the curry super duper delicious - there were also forks and spoons available upon request :D

Best part - the food was delicious! :D Even the dried bittergourd and dried chillies! The chicken was so tasty, the fish was wonderful, and the curry made fast friends with everything.

There was even a special style to fold your banana leaf after you'd finished eating - folding it toward you means "I had a good meal, I will come back next time", and folding it some other way means "This sucks!"

The only con about the place is probably that you have no idea how much your food costs until you get the bill :P It definitely wasn't cheap like economy-rice cheap, but Datin says that this isn't just any mamak stall... it's "couture mamak". LOL.

Then the ladies popped by my room because Datin wanted to borrow a bag for an event tomorrow night :) She spent fifteen minutes debating between a Chanel design and an Hermes one, then decided on the Chloe. Hahahaha.

Mei was not into any of the colourful, floral bags I had. Hmph.

This picture makes it look like Mei is opening shop in my room.

Oooh and the presents I got for Datin as a thank-you for doing so many Guest Blogger blog posts for YSK :D A striped maxi dress because she's so into stripes, and an army-print bustier as a prop for her camwhoring purposes :D

Now I have to do a gazillion assignments before Shang's musical tomorrow! o.O