Thursday, 26 August 2010

"I've been alive forever."

Today on the radio I listened to what may be the most beautiful song I've heard all year - and I'm really excited to share it here :D You've probably heard this a zillion times over, but just in case you, like me, never slowly appreciated it - "I Write the Songs" by Barry Manilow :)

Don't mind the small video embedding, it's basically just an audio video :D Thanks robbyray for uploading it! I wish I could watch the official YouTube version of Barry Manilow performing it, but Sony Music Entertainment blocked it from playing in Malaysia due to copyright issues! :( Devastating, I would've really liked to watch the full video.

Anyway, while you're playing the video - enjoy these photos of my beloved campus :)

I hope I never forget how beautiful Sunway's Monash campus is. I was looking for my classroom today when I turned and saw this view over my shoulder.

Foreign students playing cricket after classes :)

You can sit anywhere and eat :D

There are strange signs propped up in campus every week - this week it's "Who's on the spot?" which I don't understand at all! :P And the adorable Alicia is so sporting to be in the photo, hehe! I'm thrilled to find a new friend who'll be in photos I want to take :D