Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I Love Tropicana City Mall

Wow, I might've just found my new shopping house of worship! Tropicana City Mall, which I remembered from last year as being distinctly new and void of anything really interesting, has rapidly transformed into a miniature shopping mecca of shoes, dresses, bags, food - in short, a culmination of all the little things I really like about shopping malls. :D

But what makes this mall different from 1Utama, The Curve, Sunway Pyramid and even Midvalley, right? For some unidentifiable reason, the variety of things there - even in the same retail outlets like Nichii, Kitschen, Walk In - are so refreshing! There are some same items but a lot of designs I've never seen in the other outlets :D Not to mention a lot MORE designs! Plus it's not that crowded, so you don't have to jostle around with other shoppers, since TCM isn't as popular as the more established shopping malls yet. :P

And it's pretty convenient to go there - particularly with the new ramp that opened a couple of days ago. I take this as a sign as I should probably learn how to drive there. That, and the fact that there's plenty of parking spaces for only RM1 (RM2 on weekends) :)

So - what brought me to Tropicana City Mall so late in the game, right? :P

The answer is Your Shopping Kaki. I realise now that nearly all the opportunities and adventures I have in the 2009/2010 chapter of my life are at least indirectly linked to my beloved pet project :) It's surreal how grateful I feel towards a blog, hehe - by extension I am just thankful to its readers :D

Whoops, I've gotten sidetracked, haha! Mechell and I went to TCM to buy rainbow socks like the ones on my YSK banner above! :D I was going to ask my dad to help me buy a pair through Amazon, but then Mei suggested that I check out Sox World. Despite being a born-and-raised PJian, I'd never heard of Sox World until yesterday :P

Turns out they've got outlets in Tropicana City Mall, 1Utama, and a bunch of other shopping malls! :) And YES, they have the rainbow stockings/socks/leg-warmers I wanted - and for only RM19.90 :D Joy!

And who ever heard of a shopping kaki going into a specific mall for the first time to buy socks and coming out with only socks, right? :P There were mad - absolutely effing mad - sales in practically every store (even 70% discounts). A retail store called Mynt probably took the cake for the lowest prices (as low as RM5-10 even):

They had really cute little blazers in all sorts of basic patterns - pinstripes, denim blue, stonewashed grey - for only about RM20 after the whopping discounts... BUT they were marked "F" (Free Size) - and thus, they didn't fit my shoulders at all :( I looked like The Incredible Hulk trying to squeeze into his "before transformation" clothes.

Anyway, not like being a giant is going to stop me from discovering new things to fall in love with :P Lo and behold, today's haul:

Floral bustier dress from Kitschen, 50% off - biiig sale! | Rainbow socks from Sox World :D :D :D
Empire-waisted maxi dress from Nichii, 10% off - the length is perfect on me, which is so hard to find! :) And the cutting is to die for.

And here's something else I really liked but didn't love enough to buy - this large yellow briefcase bag with Chloe-esque turnlock, RM70 from OB Couture:

I'm gonna keep a lookout for something like this but without the chain straps - chain straps with no fabric or (PU) leather are so uncomfortable to use :(

OB Couture is the genius little corner shop that was in the newspaper recently :D Brilliant owners - they rent out spaces to online blogshops at RM11 per day :) I saw a lot of familiar names there like Motte Closet, Sugar Dressing and Kiss & Tell. It was really cool to see the items for real, eventhough some of them were marked "No Trying". I'm pretty sure it's "No Photos" also, but I always take photos until told otherwise :P

I hope more blogshops rent the spaces there so we have more stuff to check out, hehe! :D

Finally, I've been itching to blog about my most recent DIY project! :D A couple of weeks ago at the MOFEW event, they gave out goodie bags. In those bags, some of the items were ridiculously useless - like a KFC Zinger watch (please, tell me if you would wear a KFC Zinger Watch!) and a leather wristband that said "WOLVERINE".

Now, the leather wristband was actually quite cool - just that the word "WOLVERINE" was a killjoy. So I cut off the brown strap that said "WOLVERINE", and decided to make my own studded wristband! :D My mum helped me get the tool to pierce the leather (the studs alone weren't strong enough) and my dad sketched out the stud design to overlay on the band to stud through. LOL!

Studs purchased from Eff-Bombs Online Store :)